Paragliding / Hotair Balloon

When you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned sky ward for there you have been and there you always long to return…so spread your wings & fly…the sky is the limit.

Physical Requirements for Gliding in India

Physical fitness is of utmost importance to participate in this game though importance of mental fitness cannot be denied. People who have high/low blood pressure and are overweight are advised not to participate in high-altitude games and sports.

Best Time for Gliding in India

India is a vast country with different geographical zones. These zones also have different climatic conditions that allow a variance in the climate of the country. This variance gives the aero-sports enthusiast ample opportunities to participate in their favorite sports all through the year.

Places to fly in Himachal Pradesh

  • Bir-billing
  • Kullu Manali
  • Dharamshala
  • Bilaspur
  • Rajgarh
  • Kasauli
  • Rohuru

Precautions for Gliding in India

It is important to follow these essential guidelines, in order to ensure an eventful and incident-free Gliding in India.

Before taking up any of the above-mentioned games, you should check with your medical consultant that you are physically fit to participate.

When into the sports, follow the advice of your instructor religiously. Do not jump ahead of the schedule. It is not possible to touch the cloud base in the first day of training: possibility is that in trying to touch cloud base you would be touching the land base forever. Remember, life is precious.

Follow all the safety measures and wear all the instruments as prescribed.

Responsible tourism is the current buzzword today the world over. Protect your environment at all cost; don't destroy it.

Hotair Balloon

Flying Tiger Balloon Safaris offers commercial hot air ballooning in India, are approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation. We adhere to all maintenance and security guidelines laid down by Civil Aviation Authorities of India. These comply with internationally accepted norms and include insurance of crew, passengers and equipment, fitness of equipment and flights made by pilots holding commercial ballooning licenses. Our balloons are sourced from the best manufactures in the world. Our operations are supported by skilled technical crew as per global aviation standards. we always Comply DGCA approved Standards of Travelling in Hot Air Balloon and Insurance of Crew Memebers as well as pessengers Flying in our Hot Air Balloon.

Best time for Ballooning in India is October to April and we are covering 50Km to 100Km of flying in Rajasthan.

Himalayan Flying Odyssey

Day 1 –arrive delhi airport, transported by taxi to base camp in dagshai aprox 350 kms.
Day 2-aclimatization, spend the day at the take off discussing & studying the local weather & flyin conditions.
Day 3- 8:00am to the take of & fly
Day 4-8:00am to the take of & fly
Day5-leave for bilaspur & fly
Day 6 -leave for bir billing
Day 7- next morning fly from bir to palampur
Day 8- fly from bir to joginder nagar
Day 9- drive to nagar manali
Day 10-trek to halan & fly to sarsai
Day 11-rest day
Day 12- drive madi eary morning & fly til solang
Day 13-fly fatru solang
Day 14- shopping and sightseeing
Day15 – taxi back to delhi

We offer courses for beginners to advance and also tandum jump.

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